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A Stunning Replica Rolex Daytona, A Late Breguet Type 20, A Cool Favre-Leuba Bivouac, And More

If you like chronographs you are in for a treat this week. Expect to find a crazy good Daytona, a forgotten military Breguet, and an oversized Bulova straight from the 1970s. And you will get acquainted with the innovative Favre-Leuba Bivouac, providing no less than an altimeter on your wrist ?the smartwatch of its time, if you will. This is your Bring A Loupe for April 29, 2016.

A Breguet Type 20 With A Larger Case

The Type 20 is the proof that Breguet offers more than elegant dress replica watches with guilloche dials. Jack went all in with the modern edition here, but here you see a transitional version offered after the original 38 mm chosen by the French army in the 1950s. Indeed, Breguet released it after the luxury house Chaumet had taken control of the brand in 1970. On that occasion, the Type 20 got a larger 40 mm compressor case and a sleek black bezel. This version existed in both two and three-register layouts, with, respectively, the caliber Valjoux 235 and 725, both offering the flyback function that the original military contract stipulated. Note that this version never made it into the French Armed Forces, as its cost was judged excessive at the time. Finally, in 1995 Breguet released the current version of this chronograph, named Type XX instead of the original Type 20 borne out of the eponymous military specs. I wish this listing had a better picture, but nonetheless it seems the lume dot has disappeared from the bezel.

This Type 20 from the 1970s can be found for 13,000 Euros (or around $14,500) on a French forum here; it comes with the two last service invoices from Breguet, the last one dating only from a few months ago.

A Replica Rolex Daytona Reference 6263 With Papers

The Replica Rolex Daytona needs no introduction ?this reference 6263 showcases how good they look. The Panda dial here is irresistible; without the red Daytona script the focus on its harmony is even stronger. And our detailed checklist looks pretty good: the case offers great lugs, the pushers are original ? a point to always check with Daytonas ?and the dial has all its lume dots present. Furthermore, it comes with all the paperwork, from the original certificate to the booklets ?a rare set with a Daytona. Note however that the bracelet reference 78350 is a later one, a replacement part that has little to no negative impact on this chronograph.

A dealer specialized in vintage Replica Rolex is offering this great Daytona from 1972 for $56,000 here.

A Favre-Leuba Bivouac With An Altimeter And Barometer

Bivouac, the name of this Favre-Leuba, announces the purpose of this tool watch: this one is for hardcore explorers, the type that defies the elements in some remote location. And this is the reason it actually offers an altimeter and a barometer, something you almost never see in a "classic" wristwatch. Here, the red hand indicates any change in air pressure, meaning you are either changing altitude or facing an impending weather change, if not both. This fake watch comes with its original bracelet, but its functioning is not guaranteed ?as the seller seems unsure of how to operate it. And to be frank, as a true city-boy, I have no idea how to interpret the change in air pressure for the altimeter, but I guess the rotating bezel is there for that purpose; this thread here provides a seemingly satisfactory interpretation.

This aptly named Bivouac is listed on eBay here; at the time of publishing bidding was below $700.

ADVERTISEMENT A Bulova Chronograph "C" With A 43 mm Case

This Bulova wears its 43 mm size without apology ?on the contrary, it was intended as a clear asset to read the time at just a glance. And with such a striking dial, getting attention for this chronograph is pretty much guaranteed. The colors and the shape could only be from the 1970s, and yet on the wrist it makes total sense ?a very cool command center with a signed mesh bracelet to top it off. The condition of the example here is pretty stellar, except for a small ding on the bezel. This is the sort of fake watch you won't easily forget, for better or worse.

The dealer Watchsteez just listed this super funky Bulova for $3,999 here.

A Girard-Perregaux Olimpico Reference 9227FA ?Probably For The 1976 Olympics

Just before Christmas, we introduced you to an outstanding Olimpico from 1968 here, coming full set ?one of the most exciting eBay listings I had seen in a while. While this Olimpico might be in lesser condition, it is definitely worth your attention. The Olimpico was Girard-Perregaux's way of honoring each Olympic Games from the 1950s through the 1990s, and at first glance, you would probably guess that the present fake watch is almost surely from the 1970s judging by its 39 mm cushion case. And you would be right; in fact, it seems the reference 9227FA was unveiled for the 1976 Summer Olympics in Montreal according to the review here; interestingly, another Olimpico claims the same spot as covered on another forum here. Note that the crown has been replaced, the second hand has lost its lume, and the dial has lost its lume dots. In addition, the chronograph caliber from Excelsior Park would almost certainly need a service.

You can find this Olimpico on eBay here; at the time of publishing bidding was just above $1,500. Note that I have already seen this seller offering the same Universal Geneve multiple times, so I would be cautious in your dealings ?although this could also be explained by disappearing buyers.

A Light Buyer Beware: A Universal Geneve With Wrong Rehaut

Frankly, this UG looks pretty fantastic at first. This is a little bit of a harsh Buyer Beware, because the dial is super nice and the defects are almost perfectly highlighted in the listing. So, as disclosed, the unsigned crown is a service part, but the rehaut is not correct ?the seller describes it as a "custom inner tachymetrè/minute track," which is a bit of a euphemism. That said, the rest looks great, from the case to the signed buckle. So this could be a great project fake watch if you have access to the correct rehaut to give it back its original stunning looks.

This partly incorrect UG is offered for 4,850 euros (or around $5,500) here.

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