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A Technical Discussion With Stephen Forsey Of Greubel Forsey

On a beautiful Spring morning in New York City, HODINKEE sat down with Stephen Forsey of Greubel Forsey to take a look at the brand's impressive collection of wristwatches. With millions of dollars worth of replica watches on the table, it was easy to be a bit cautious when handling them. I put on a silk glove, and carefully examined the movement of a Quadruple Tourbillon Secret. The tourbillon carriages were impeccably finished, and seemed to delicately float in mid-air with their 30-degree inclination. Seeing these quadruple tourbillons doing their job was a thing of beauty, and I was mesmerized. Then to my surprise, Stephen Forsey asked for the fake watch back and proceeded to knock on it very hard with his knuckles.

Back to reality, Mr. Forsey explained that the brand's goal of performance is not limited to winning chronometry competitions, but extends to all aspects of the development of their watches. These are mechanical replica watches built with an extreme level of reliability, architecture, and finishing in mind.

We took a look at the Tourbillon 24 Seconds Vision with its infamous "bubble" on the case back. The bubble is in place to allow the fake watch case to be a bit thinner than the others in the Greubel Forsey lineup, but still accommodate the inclined tourbillon. I was happily surprised to learn that Greubel Forsey is a big proponent of 3D printing in horology. Mr. Forsey explained that they did extensive wearability tests with 3D-printed prototypes before moving forward with production. The fake watch is very comfortable to wear, and in some ways more comfortable than a traditional fake watch with flat case back. The bubble elevates the rest of the case back over your wrist in a way that makes the fake watch feel very light when wearing it.

The three-dimensional, black-polished tourbillon bridges both on the top and bottom of the movement of the Tourbillon 24 Seconds Vision are stunning. Looking at them is like looking in a fun-house mirror, albeit an absolutely perfect mirror that is only a few millimeters long. Mr. Forsey mentioned that there is only one finisher in their workshop that can complete these bridges in a way that they are happy with. If that person is out sick or on vacation ?production of these replica watches is put on hold. To get an idea of the finishing level of these bridges, take a close look at the headline photo for this article.

Greubel Forsey has set a world record that many people may not know about. Their Double Tourbillon 30° Technique features the world's longest cannon pinion! While I am joking about the cannon pinion, the depth of this movement is ridiculous. Having the tourbillon inclined at 30° allows for enough room to stack four barrels co-axially, making for a visually stunning movement.

These replica watches are insanely technical, yet there is one direction that Greubel Forsey has yet to explore ?silicon. I asked Mr. Forsey about this, and he explained that he believes there is a lot of room to continue to innovate while using traditional watchmaking methods. He wants Greubel Forsey replica watches to be serviceable or repairable hundreds of years into the future, using traditional techniques. To that end, Greubel Forsey has collaborated with Philippe Dufour on the Naissance d'une Montre project, with a goal of passing down those techniques to the next generation of watchmakers.

Near the end of our meeting I mentioned to Mr. Forsey that I was doing what I always do when looking at a movement ?searching for mistakes or imperfections. Corners that were cut, things that could have been done in a more aesthetic way if more time was spent. These movements are so good, so perfect, that I was completely stumped. Mr. Forsey smiled, and started pointing out mistakes on a prototype. He showed me a screw that wasn't perfectly centered, and an enamel number that was not completely smooth in one specific part. This made me appreciate Greubel Forsey's work even more. For all of the accolades and high prices that go along with these watches, they still have a human aspect which keeps them endearing. Greubel Forsey is not just creating a product, they are also creating a legacy.

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